Today I’m going to give you a run down of some shops and spaces within London with the best interior designs. As a company we have 3D scanned a multitude of great looking studios, apartments, menswear stores in London.

We wanted to show a few of these off and also highlight some of the stores that we believe have the best interior designs.

The Hogarth Health Club – Chiswick

best interior designs chiswick gym london neon light

This photo was taken from our most recent scan 3D scan. The interiors of the cafe/event space was festooned with fairy lights. A great way to bring light and and shimmer to the room, whilst making features of the infrastructure.

You can take a virtual tour of one of the most capacious gyms in London in the 3D scan below.

Convert Your Attic Space

best interior designs in london purple couch and wooden beams

The best interior designs will often feature a big ass tele

This was a lot of fun to do. Mainly because this is a property that we acquired and renovated ourselves. You can see that making a feature of the wooden beams gives a sense of entrance when you come up the stairs.

The eaves drawers are also wood stained, along with the table furniture. Below you can see the before shot, quite the difference right?

pre conversion of london flat

If you are a contractor or an interior designer and you want to show off a before and after of your renovation projects then we have that capability.

Check out both videos of how we managed to transform this opaque featureless flat into a luxury living space. Below is a full 3d scan of the finished article with links to products.

New & Lingwood – Eton

best interior designs london eton tartan carpet

Looking for ways on how to get people into your shop? Then why not show off how great your space is by giving your long distance customers the virtual tour.

This New & Lingwood Eton store had a beautiful long chesterfield lining the back wall. If you’re shopping as a couple, the other half will invariably sit down and let their parters shop.

You need to make them both feel comfortable to maximise your chance of a transactional relationship. Take the full virtual tour of the Eton store below.

Make them feel at home!

Here’s a tip. Offer to make them drinks. Better yet, have a couple of refreshments on display. Notice in the background New & Lingwood also has a drinks cabinet to make you feel welcome.

It’s not over-cramped, it’s playful with the tartan carpet and it’s in keeping with the philosophy of the brand. A traditional tailor with a modern appeal.

Inside Savile Row – Chester Barrie

chester barrie blue carpet and wall

Believe it or not Chester Barrie was one of the very first tailors on Savile Row to have a 3D virtual tour. To think that back in the 60’s the shop glass would be frosted so that people couldn’t see in!

Now thanks to our 3D scan of the Chester Barrie refurbishment, you can walk the space and view the gorgeous sea of blue carpet and walls. Notice how the gold trim on the concertinas match the picture frames to make this space of the best interior designs in London.

Take the virtual tour in the player below.

Adding a Hammock

best interior designs hammock london white office

The best interior designs will often have a hammock won’t they?

A real way to get creative with interior design is to inject some fun. Who doesn’t like a hammock? Does it look out  of place in a consultation room? Maybe, but it’s a great feature no one is going to forget visiting your shop or event space if you inject some craziness.

Visit the Spencer Hart show room in the virtual scan we did below.

Red persian rugs

best interior designs persian rug

One of the great scans we did recently was of a luxury apartment in Marble Arch. Here we can see how effective a long Persian rug can be into homely-feel into a large space. It also ties together with the red couch, but doesn’t clash with any other primary colours in the room.

If we just had the parquet flooring without the rug, it would feel more like an event space or a rental studio rather than something lived in. This apartment has one of the best interior designs in London.

You can take the virtual tour of this luxury apartment in Marble Arch in the scan we did below.

Sunspel on Chiltern Street

best interior designs parquet flooring chiltern street

This is from our most recent scan of British Menswear (and clothier of James Bond) Sunspel. I love the Parquet Flooring throughout.

This is complimented with glass-wood pine finish oval tables. There are plenty of windows and potted plants throughout the store so it has a very open and earthy quality.

The Connaught – London Hotel

connaught london interiors man pouring drink

The back bar is stunning.  Traditional and decadent, the gold and greens work beautifully in a prismatic style. The hexagonal gold mosaic lamps bookmark the bar so well.

Adams Place Bridge 

adams place bridge

Sure, Adam’s Place Bridge in Canary Wharf doesn’t have any photos on the wall or globule hanging lightbulbs. But the design element is incredibly 70’s Star Wars. The angles are beautiful and this broad-width hexagon tunnel feels like you’re being transported.

Kensington Palace

inside kensington palace best interior designs

Looking for that royal red like they have in Kensington Palace? Well I’ve only managed to track this down. Of course it’s all bespoke silk from Humphries Weaving.

According to their website: ‘The shade of crimson used is attributed to the George II travelling bed. Silk damask was woven with narrow width for wall hangings and window drapes.’

No.3 Riverside

no 3 riverside interiors sophie ashby

These new apartments over look the Millenium Dome. I was treated to review the apartments for Menswear Style magazine.

It’s an ambitious project development in the Greenwich Peninsula by Knight Dragon who took a gamble on up and coming designer Sophie Ashby of Studio Ashby.


inside rules restaurant best interior designs

Ever wondered what it looks like inside London’s oldest restaurant? In Covent Garden you’ll find the infamous Rules Restaurant, as featured in the movie Skyfall.

To reflect the culinary themes of game and cattle, you’ll find antlers and old sketch drawings adorning the walls. So much so you can barely see the walls.

Notice the drawings are all done by the same artist, or have the appearance of. If you want to implement some art into your interior design space you might want to be consistent with one or a few artists.

Simon Carter

simon carter interior comic book consultation room

The best interior designs will often have the wow factor

How about this? If you’re looking to get creative with your appointment room then why not inject a bit of fun into the proceedings.

Is there a more instagrammable menswear appointment room than this? A comic book wallpaper inside menswear designer Simon Carter. Simon Carter has a flagship store in Central Mayfair, Blackheath, Lambs Conduit Street and Crystal Palace.

John Smedley London

john smedley interiors london

I’ve worked in retail the best part of my adult life. A great way to get customers to come into your shop is to invite other designers to create something within your space.

Last year they had abstract structuralist Guy Haddon Grant create non-descript steel art works alongside figurative line drawings to demonstrate the constant movement and creation of knitwear constructions.

The above photo is me with Chairman of John Smedley, John Maclean. There’s a reason why I’m atrociously dressed, but I won’t go into that here. I love the placement of the garments in blocks of two. Accessible, bright and inviting.

Cheaney Covent Garden

cheaney shoe shine covent garden

I was invited down to the opening of Joseph Cheaney in Covent Garden some time ago. What I found truly unique was a gentleman called Alex was there shining shoes in the window.

They offer a free shoe shining service and it’s a great way of displaying your products and services simultaneously.

Huntsman at Sotheby’s

huntsman tweed cloth pool table

Pierre LaGrange of the Huntsman had a fire-sale last year at Sotheby’s. Emptying out all the weird and wonderful experiments from his garage. If you want to have a feature that will be centrifugal to your store, why not get a pool table and cover it in tweed.

This Tweed cloth Dual function Pool Table was estimated to fetch between 15-£20,000.

Elliot Rhodes

elliot rhodes belts interior shop display

Tucked away down St Christopher’s Place in London, is Elliot Rhodes. I was lucky enough to be gifted a belt by Elliot Rhodes and visit their store to see how the fudge was packed.

I loved the inside display. I used to sell belts in my menswear store. Just glibly hung from hooks. However, Elliot Rhodes have subscribe to more innovative shop designs. An evenly tiered carousel of belts made from hollow wooden wheels that show off the product how it should be worn.

Orlebar Brown Westbourne Road

best interior designs orlebar brown stores

If you’re a James Bond nut like me then you’ll love what the Orlebar Brown guys have done with the interiors to promote the latest 007 X Collection.

A predominantly swimwear brand, designed and founded in the UK , now owned by Chanel. The three level store has the look of an exclusive Miami beach or shades of Varadero. Something more exotic than Kessingland anyway.

If you’re into dressing like a British Spy and you’re coming to London, why not check out my blog on shopping the brands of James Bond.

Fred Perry Coal Drops Yard

fred perry design

Situated in the north end upstairs in Coal Drops Yard, close to Kings Cross. Fred Perry has a unique charm and an industrial vibe to its store.

The ceilings exposed and metal cubed tables give it an irrepressible street vibe. The grey tiled floors are different shades to add interest and texture. Notice the walls are all in keeping with this theme so as not to draw focus away from the clothes.

Tracy Nuels

coal drops yard shoes hang from ceiling

It’s a common theme now to use ceiling ties to display shoe products. It gives you an immersive feel. Some nice subtle lighting gives the space some warmth, amplified by the marble floor.

Nothing is sectioned off here. There is a great fluidity that expands the space, creating a minimalist feel, whilst displaying a lot products. No paintings on the wall. Nothing is over thought. Simplicity is key a theme for the best interior designs.

Aesop Marylebone

best interior designs aesop marylebone review

How about this. A rustic interior, brass worn-in taps overlooking an oversized concrete sink. Tiered wooden shelving racks and pique flooring.

If you have a lot of wood, authentic wood, then why not work round that? Make that your feature. No Aesop shop is the same. They don’t have a uniform look like most chains. Instead they pride themselves on using the elements and respecting the original environment.

Jo Malone Townhouse – Gloucester Road

jo malone bloggers

Sure just get a few good looking bloggers to hang around a fireplace. And me. Only messing. This was a beautiful event space. Not over thought, not over designed.

Off-white couches with a low back, doesn’t interrupt the flow of the space. The magnolia walls and flowers make a great centre piece.

If you have a theme or something that is symbolic for your brand (Jo Malone is gifting) then why not blow that up to ten times the size. Who wouldn’t want a picture on those boxes?

The Bermondsey Square Hotel

best interior designs minimal white hotel

The best interior designs are often minimalistic

An absolute treat to stay at this hotel. It’s a stones throw from Tower Bridge and only a ten minute walk from London Bridge tube station. I have been given some stock photography which was better than the ones I took so I’m posting those here.

How to make you feel at home

The rooms are quite minimalist, modern and open spaced. It pulls on your nostalgia string with photos of The Beatles dotted around. (Even the suites are named after Beatles songs). There’s also an Imperial Typewriter in the downstairs lobby.

Having popular iconography and emotional artefacts such as a typewriter, or a sewing machine, or a photo of popular artist from the 60’s, is a great way to make people feel right at home in a foreign environment.

typewriter in hotel lobby best interior designs

The best interior designs will often feature an old school typewriter

I stayed in the Lucy Suite which had the hot tub on the terrace overlooking the London Skyline. Last time I checked it was 450 GBP a night, but other lush rooms, each with different character can be booked for 109 GBP a night.

More information on the hotel and my stay over on the Human Research blog.

hot tub on balcony

La Suite Hotel

la suite black white best interior designs london hotel

I visited La Suite Hotel, situated just off the edge of Hyde Park and reviewed it for my blog. It had some Piet Mondrian vibes with the pure distillation of vertical lines colours. Mainly mono-chromatic with a dusting of primary colours in blocks.

A big design feature were the Ruark stereos which enabled a terrific ambiance. Nothing to make you feel more at home in a hotel than being able to choose your own radio station.

We hope you enjoyed this article on some of the best interior designs in London. If you’ve been inspired and fancy having a virtual tour of your own space then please get in touch.