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Before and After Housing Renovations – Youth Community Centre in Chiswick

Chiswick renovations During Construction Back in September 2020 we had the honour of doing a 3d scan of the Youth Community Centre in Chiswick, West London. This was scanned during the construction phase and looked to be an ambitious project. Construction was well underway and at this stage, having not been privy to [...]

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Creating the John Lewis Virtual 3D Christmas Shop | Take the Tour

This year we had the honour on behalf of Matterport to carry out the 3D virtual tour of the John Lewis Christmas Shop on Oxford Street, London. The scan was carried out on one single floor, that covered an area of circa 8,000 square feet. The space had already been prepared by the very hard [...]

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Is this the Smallest 3D Scan of all Time? | Scanning for TFL.

We do get asked to do 3D scans of some peculiar spaces. Throughout the month of November we were asked on behalf of Matterport to scan some very diminutive Transport for London kiosks. These were peppered around various London overground and underground stations. Although it may not look it, these smaller 3D scans can also [...]

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What is the Maximum Supported Number of Scan Points in a Single Matterport Scan?

What is the threshold for a Matterport Scan? According to the support pages at Matterport, the maximum supported number of scans is 200, or about 10,000 square feet. If you're reading this as a Matterport Engineer, we certainly advise you to follow the guidelines stipulated on the Matterport Support Pages. However, we have recorded much bigger spaces [...]

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Using Matterport 3D Tours to Showcase Before & After Housing Renovations

As a London-based Matterport Service Provider we wanted to share with you how 3D scanning technology can be used to showcase housing renovations. Above: Before. Below: After. Kitchen & Bathroom This 2-bed London flat was bought for around £468,000 and sold for £575,000 with a £50,000 renovation budget which including ripping out and gutting the [...]

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3D Scans of London Office Buildings – What to Expect from a 3D Tour

We have completed a significant number of 3D Scans of London Offices. This is some advice for those agents and landlords that are looking to now get 3D tours of their empty office spaces. 1. Make sure you hire a Matterport engineer with experience for large scans Lots of Matterport engineers may have the capabilities [...]

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The 24 London Spaces with the Best Interior Designs

Today I'm going to give you a run down of some shops and spaces within London with the best interior designs. As a company we have 3D scanned a multitude of great looking studios, apartments, menswear stores in London. We wanted to show a few of these off and also highlight some of the stores [...]

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Case Study: The Hogarth Health Club | Chiswick, London

With our most recent 3D property scan we were tasked with one of the best high end gyms in London. The Hogarth Health club in Chiswick, close to our own place of work and they reached out after seeing the soft marketing to City Gyms we carried out last month. This scan was done in [...]

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Case Study: New & Lingwood | Jermyn Street, London

This 3D Scan in London took us to Jermyn Street inside renowned shirtmaker and flamboyant ateliers, New & Lingwood. This was a particularly exciting challenge for us as the shop (situated at the end of Piccadilly Arcade) has many different facets including a second dressing gown shop on the other side of the arcade, not directly [...]

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