As a team we chose to invest in the Matterport Pro3 Camera after we were given the chance to demo the gear on a capture at a large pharmaceutical factory in the Netherlands with said camera. After rigorous testing over a 3-day period we deemed it to be a very worthy investment.

The main lure was that this camera compared to it’s predecessor would have far greater capabilities for capturing outdoor spaces and it was a bit quicker too.

You can see in the infographic below what the differences are in spec.


The true advantage of this camera is that scanning outdoor spaces is just as easy as scanning indoors. With the Pro 2 we could never guarantee to our clients that it would work capturing spaces outdoors. It would certainly be dependant on the weather, if it was sunny then the chances of getting any alignment were very slim.

Conditions would have to be perfect, overcast but not raining. Capturing before and after sunset is ideal for capturing but not always so for clients.

Scanning Train Platforms was mostly only achievable at night with the Pro2


In order to successfully capture with the Pro2 we would have to keep the capture distances very short, which meant scanning outdoors took a huge investment of time, drains batteries and sometimes requires several visits – at additional expense.

That’s not to say scanning outside with the Pro 2 cannot be done. We captured a number of outdoor spaces in 2022 including multiple overground stations in London. It was quite the challenge though, required laying down a lot of mattertags on most scans whilst some were only achievable at night due to the light. Even using all the tricks of the trade to get alignment (zigzagging, lowering the tripod to minimum etc), capturing outside spaces with the Pro 2 can be quite the frustrating experience.

The Pr0 3 really is 5/5 in this regard. No matter the conditions, no matter the environment or landscape, the Pro3 will simply get the job done.

outdoor scanning Matterport Pro3

Capturing outdoor spaces during daylight with the Matterport Pro3


The spec sheet suggests the speed of each capture is the same. But in the real would the Pro3 feels significantly faster. I haven’t timed each one but I’m not hanging around much in between scans anymore. I used to mark windows and mirrors and be able to walk around the camera whilst capturing a space. That is a real challenge now due to the speed of the camera!


The size and weight of the Pro3 versus the Pro2 is another factor. We are London based 3D Capture Technicians, and travelling around London is part of the job description. Schlepping the camera, the iPad, the tripod and the dolly in some cases can be quite tiring.

The Pro3 is lighter, and you can fit it in your rucksack along with your lunch, umbrella, iPad and copy of Viz Magazine. The Pro2 is quite the hunk of hardware and you’ll feel it if you’re commuting around all day with it on your back.

Matterport Pro3

Camera: Matterport Pro3. Hand – models own.


One of the true capabilities is the distance between capture spaces – you can really stretch it along corridors for example. This is especially useful if the client is just after the floor plans and not really interested in the actual virtual tour.

The alignment is also really good. Before it would be next to impossible to scan expansive featureless office buildings with mirrored tiled floors without the use of mattertags. Even with tags those environments would be a challenge. The Pro3 is much better equipped and you can scan sunlit spaces as well as reflective floors quite easily.

Matterport Pro3 start up


The Matterport Pro2 has been a terrific workhorse for us and we still use this technology daily. If you’re looking to scan regular buildings (particularity residential or furnished offices) then this is still going to be a terrific camera for you.

For outside spaces and ‘live environments’ (people and objects moving around all the time whilst scanning) the Pro3 really comes into its element.

Matterport Pro3 lens


One true downside of owning the Matterport Pro3, is that at the moment real life use cases for this camera over the Pro2 are still limited. You require a separate tier subscription package through Matterport for the Pro3 which is expensive and difficult to justify over the cost of legacy packages which only support the Pro2.

If you have a space that needs capturing, please get in touch with us today for a free no obligation quote. Check us out on Instagram for London captures.