This 3D Scan in London took us to Sunspel – in Marylebone.

Sunspel is a British heritage brand with a contemporary approach and they have been handcrafting garments in the UK for over 160 years. Situated on Chiltern Street (and close to Shreeji News and Magazines for coffee & cake) it’s a great spot for this modern luxury brand.

Remember that Levi’s advert where a young model washes his jeans in a laundromat wearing just his boxers? Yep, they were Sunspel.

Sunspel - in Marylebone

For the 3D scan of Sunspel – in Marylebone, we were instructed to add a number of ‘Mattertags’ to highlight certain aspects of the collection.

Again, this is a great way to aid the transition from walking a space to purchasing products.

Sunspel - in Marylebone

What? More Mirrors!

We are hopeful that in the future we will be able to edit out the camera from mirrors. However, in the meantime, we try our best to avoid them, sometimes using simple techniques like below.

Sunspel - in Marylebone

For movie fans Sunspel have also provided clothes for the James Bond films. You’ll find the infamous Riviera polo in stock at the Sunspel store, in a variety of different colours. The polo was already in production before costume designer Lindy Hemming, chose the garment for Daniel Craig. You can learn more about the Sunspel Riviera polos in this review here.

Ian Fleming was also a client of Sunspel and they have since celebrated this connection with a dedicated Ian Fleming Winter Collection.

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