What is the threshold for a Matterport Scan?

According to the support pages at Matterport, the maximum supported number of scans is 200, or about 10,000 square feet.

If you’re reading this as a Matterport Engineer, we certainly advise you to follow the guidelines stipulated on the Matterport Support Pages.

However, we have recorded much bigger spaces in a single capture.

Sky’s the limit

The following images were captured from one of the biggest Matterport Scans we’ve managed to capture in a single model. This is the raw model of the Ground Floor at Sky Headquarters, the other floors and mezzanine levels were captured in other models over the course of 3 days

Matterport Scan

Here comes the tricky part

This scan was easily one of the most complicated and difficult we have done to date due to the sheer scale of the job and area still being live with people moving frequently in front of camera.

On one floor we completed 518 scan points – the Matterport capture app was still functioning and there was no noticeable slowdown.

Matterport Scan

At a later Matterport scan, we maxed out at 573 scan points which was conducted over the course of 35, 224ft2. 

What happened?

It simply didn’t record any new data. This was very frustrating because I was only 3-4 scan points away from completing the model.

When restarting a new model you’re best advised to scan 5 points into the previous model to provide enough overlap for the technicians to stitch the models together.

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How much?

Each Matterport Scan is different and largely dependent on size. Please see our homepage for pricings. For an exact quote or advice please contact us direct.