We do get asked to do 3D scans of some peculiar spaces. Throughout the month of November we were asked on behalf of Matterport to scan some very diminutive Transport for London kiosks. These were peppered around various London overground and underground stations.

Although it may not look it, these smaller 3D scans can also prove to be problematic. For example, how does one hide? To give you an idea of how the camera operates see below.

In order to avoid appearing in the scan, and if there is nowhere to hide, I simply walk round the camera as it captures the scan.

Why scan a place so small?

For a few different reasons. The price of a 3d scan for such a small place, would be no different to that of one you’d pay a photographer. When it comes to capturing a space this size, you’ll be basically paying for the price of the callout. Plus some admin expenses. For more details, and to get a quote for a 3d scan for your space please contact us direct.

3D Scan

Another reason

3d scans also enable you to have a 360 view of the surrounding spaces. What is the environment like? Where exactly will the space be located within surrounding buildings, offices, kiosks etc. A simple photograph of the externals will give you a clue, but not nearly enough depth to help you visualise the locality of the space.

Is this the smallest 3d scan you’ve done?

With only has 4 scan points (including one external 360) this 3d scan of a kiosk in Gallions Reach Station is the smallest scan we’ve done in terms of data captured.