Study room before Chiswick

Chiswick renovations

During Construction

Back in September 2020 we had the honour of doing a 3d scan of the Youth Community Centre in Chiswick, West London. This was scanned during the construction phase and looked to be an ambitious project.

Construction was well underway and at this stage, having not been privy to any designs, we had no idea what we’d be returning to once the project was complete – bear in mind when we first arrived on site there wasn’t even a front door.

Study room after chiswick youth hostel

The result

We’re pleased to say that the house has turned out beautifully. We returned back to the centre in January to complete the after scans. It certainly doesn’t feel like a hostel in any way. The owners, sponsors and designers have all done a great job in making this place look like a home.

This is one of the most gratifying projects that we have completed for many reasons.

Before communal living room

A good use of the 3d technology

Doing a before and after 3D scan really is a great use of the technology. It gives a true immersive sense of the work that has been undertaken and presents the space in a consistent format as opposed to taking still shots on cameras. We often give construction companies before and after videos creating from the scan so they can present to potential clients.

During construction

A 3d scan is also used during construction projects to help architects that are not able to access the site themselves. We have even been instructed by contractors to do monthly scans of projects which offer a visual progress report. It is particularly useful when stakeholders are located abroad or unable to visit site.

After communal living room in chiswick

The images

These are a selected of the images extracted from the 3d scan. They are presented in a web-ready resolution though we also provide images in a higher resolution for presentation and maximum pixels.

You can take the full 3d tour during construction and after at the end of this post.

Bedroom before

Bedroom before

Bedroom after

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Prices for projects like these vary due to space and additional bespoke extras like floorplans, promotional videos and tags. Based in Chiswick, London and East Anglia, but serving the UK we are more than happy to give you a bespoke quote should you be interested in having us conduct a 3d tour of your renovations/space. You can contact us here.