This 3D Scan took us to a development that was being built on the cusp of Thrapston, a beautiful historic market town. This plot was scanned on completion for David Wilson Homes.

Being a new build meant that the property had no curtains or blinds and indeed no furnishings – not ideal conditions for the Matterport camera to work perfectly. Luckily we only came across a couple of alignment issues in the top floors where the usual sunlight/window/mirror combination created a few issues.

We had a limited time-frame as contractors were due to return to finish snagging – only one and a half hours to scan a four bedroom home was going to be tight. Luckily being a new build the floors were very level so we did not have to spend too much time adjusting the tripod and finished the scan with ten minutes to spare!

With new-build developments people will often be moving from a different area and having a 3D scan avoids the need for them to travel to view. It also means that vendors can send as-built examples of completed properties to its customers.

Not just a 3D scan

David Wilson Homes were provided with a selection of images (from 4k, print ready to web ready versions), a full -length promotional video and some short teaser videos for use on social media.

Would your Estate Agency be interested in having properties scanned?

We scan properties that are for sale and to let. This helps free up your time by sending tours to interested parties pre-viewing and helps appeal to a wider market – especially those that are not able to view in real life in the first instance.

Where can I see the complete scan and how much will a 3D scan cost?

You can view the full scan below. Should you wish to have a 3D scan for your space, please do not hesitate to contact us and we’ll send through a bespoke quote. It costs less than you think!

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