This 3D Scan in London took us to Flintlock Close in Whitechapel London where we were asked by Winkworth Estate agents to do a complete scan of this 3 bedroom property. Flintlock Close is just 500m from Aldgate East and Whitechapel Stations which both provide excellent links to the City and rest of London.

It was a very bright and sunny day which always poses challenges for the Matterport camera as it is not fond of direct sunlight. As the Matterport camera uses infared to build up a 3D space, direct sunlight can confuse the camera.

This meant we had to do multiple extra scan points in close proximity. The challenge was made even more difficult since two sections of the property are external though it would be a shame you could not navigate to the space due to the camera restrictions.

We were very pleased with the outcome, and you can see how a 3D scan can help people to understand a space more than just with a selection of pictures. The section where you walk up from the third floor to the roof terrace is particularly appealing.

Not just a 3D scan

Winkworth Estate Agents also received a 2D black & white floorplan and a selection of images (from 4k, print ready to web ready versions).

They also received a bespoke promotional video and some short teaser videos for use on social media.

Would your Estate Agency be interested in having properties scanned?

We scan properties that are for sale and to let. This helps free up your time by sending tours to interested parties pre-viewing and helps appeal to a wider market – especially those that are not able to view in real life in the first instance.