Measurement mode – now available on all Matterport Virtual Tours

The new functionality of Measuring Spaces in Matterport provides users with the ability to share measurements taken in a Matterport digital twin with anyone. This allows us to accurately measure rooms, windows, doors or furniture from PC or mobile device.

The Digital Twin:

“Measurement Mode is an important step in our strategy to turn buildings into data and actionable insights,” says RJ Pittman, CEO of Matterport. “This new capability gives customers an invaluable tool for sharing vital information of spaces or objects within a Matterport digital twin. The potential for smarter space planning, utilization, and collaboration for the built world is enormous.”

Measuring Spaces in Matterport

Measuring Spaces in Matterport

How to use measurement mode:

With the new Measurement Mode users can open any model in Showcase. AND measure any aspect of that Space, on any device! Measurement Mode can be explored in details here.

Ready for Automatic measurements (Coming early 2020)

Coming soon – we’re going to be improving Measurement Mode further. Matterport’s AI Cortex will start making certain types of measurements of the spaces automatically, and populate them into Measurement Mode.

Measuring Spaces in Matterport

Dolls House view of Measuring Spaces in Matterport

How will the measurement mode benefit you?

You’ll be able to efficiently co-ordinate layouts of spaces with your plumbers, designers, electricians etc.

No more wasting time making extra visits on site. This has been a very helpful tool already for anyone moving furniture into a new home. Will the dining table fit into the extension terrace? Will the L-shaped sofa fit up the stairs?

The Measurement mode could mean the end to fruitless pivoting

Interested in getting your space scanned by us?

Please see our homepage for a list of our prices. For an exact quote or advice please contact us direct. Images in this post courtesy of Matterport.