Throughout May and June we scanned a large number of show-homes across Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, Worcestershire and Northamptonshire.

In just over 70 years, Bellway has grown from a small, family-owned firm to one of the most successful house builders in the UK. Directly employing more than 2,000 people and have earned an enviable reputation, built on the pillars of quality, service and trust.

Lockdown Scanning

All of these scans were completed during lockdown, journey times were dramatically reduced as the roads were literally empty and there was little action on site when we arrived to scan. It was quite a strange experience though the completed tours would avoid potential buyers the need for multiple site visits.

Multiple locations

We had a tight schedule to scan a number of properties in the same day and meet agents on site for access at specific times. As we are meticulous in our scanning we made sure we had enough time to do complete them all though the lack of traffic certainly helped!

The final touches

All of the finished scans were edited to the requirements of Bellway. They wanted the dollhouse view to be disabled and all the tours to start in the same location just inside the front door. Because of this we scanned the downstairs toilets as 360 views as in many cases the start view they wanted would have shown the toilet!

You can view a selection of the scans below

Update January 2021

After some 9 months live the scans are racking up the views with the most popular scan (The Tailor) having clocked over 100,000 impressions! Take a look: