This 3D Scan took us to Polebrook, a beautiful village just three miles east of the historic market town of Oundle. Summerhill House is a substantial residence over 400m2 set on a small but prestigious development.

It was another bright and sunny day which meant meticulous planning of the camera route to beat the path of the sun as it moved from the front of the property in the morning to the rear in the afternoon.

The kitchen had windows on all sides which made planning particularly difficult so we ended up doing the bulk of the scans of this area in the morning but having to do a few extra shots in the afternoon where the camera had missed some detail due to the light in the corner windows of the kitchen.

The upstairs presented its own challenges as there were multiple mirrors in the bedrooms coupled with fast approaching sunlight.. The whole scan including exterior shots took 7 hours. Its notable how much longer scans can take when there is direct sunlight.

Not just a 3D scan

Aspire had already engaged in another provider for a floorplan but we provided them with a selection of images (from 4k, print ready to web ready versions), a full -length promotional video and some short teaser videos for use on social media.


Would your Estate Agency be interested in having properties scanned?

We scan properties that are for sale and to let. This helps free up your time by sending tours to interested parties pre-viewing and helps appeal to a wider market – especially those that are not able to view in real life in the first instance.

Where can I see the complete scan and how much will a 3D scan cost?

You can view the full scan below. Should you wish to have a 3D scan for your space, please do not hesitate to contact us and we’ll send through a bespoke quote. It costs less than you think!

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