We have completed a significant number of 3D Scans of London Offices. This is some advice for those agents and landlords that are looking to now get 3D tours of their empty office spaces.

1. Make sure you hire a Matterport engineer with experience for large scans

Lots of Matterport engineers may have the capabilities to do small residential scans, but lack the experience and the hardware to carry out large scans. Ask to see an example of a scan from the company and if possible some testimonials from clients.

2. 40,000 square feet can be done in a day

If you’re office space is around 40k square feet, this should manageable in a working day. We have scanned a 60k building in one day before but that was part office, part construction site. One engineer should cover 40k square feet in one 9-5 day.

Should you be able to give the engineer longer on site he may be able to reach 60k in 10-12. Keep in mind a Matterport camera will have an 8-9 hour battery life. He would be best advised to take a one hour lunch break and charge the camera if he has access to the site for longer periods.

3D Scans of London Offices – The Dolls House View

3. Don’t bother with stairwells

Believe me it’s superfluous. You don’t need to scan stairwells between floors. Each floor can be accessed through portals we call mattertags. You can click on a tag say in the lift lobby, and it will take you to any floor of your choosing.

Stairs are time consuming to scan and can be tedious to navigate in virtual tours. You want your scan to be user friendly and exciting.

3D Scans of London Offices

4. Toliets

We sometimes get asked to include the toilets in 3d scans. Our experience of scanning office spaces and commercial buildings suggests nobody really needs to be able to walk through the toilet1. If you would like to show off the toilets, tell your engineer to ‘take one 360 scan in each one’.

This will enable people to visualise the space if you’d like to show it off, but you won’t be able to virtually move around. The toilets are sometimes left in a poor condition from the previous tenants and do not offer a good user experience.

5. Ask for the best price from your Matterport Engineer

It’s a very saturated market out there right now for 3D tours. Make sure you’re being given the best price and that the turnaround for the can can be executed and delivered within a 48 hour window.

Our experience allows us to confidently offer very competitive prices for our virtual tours.

3D Scans of London Offices

6. Only 360s for the Reception area

People don’t need to virtually walk around a reception area – it’s not the space they are purchasing or leasing. Just ask for a couple of 360 captures in the reception so the potential tenant or purchaser can visualise the space. If you’re looking to get floorplans for these spaces on top of the virtual tour, then insist on having them captured. Other than that, having a virtual tour of a reception area, unless it’s the Four Seasons, is again redundant.

3D Scans of London Offices

7. Prepare the space how you want it seen

This might sound obvious, but it’s not the job of the engineer to ensure the space is ready to be captured. If you have an office that is currently in use it’s imperative that any sensitive information is not on display. Access codes, passwords, sales figures etc.

The engineer will of course tuck in a chair or two or pick up any stray crisp packets on the carpet, but it’s not his responsibility to curate the space how you want it to be scanned. It also expedites the entire process if the space is ready to go without any need of a make over.

Should you wish to get a quote for your space then please get in touch here. The photos in this article have been compressed and taken from an office scan we did Aldgate, London.