We were very proud and privileged to be invited to scan the newly refurbished Chester Barrie store on Savile Row.

It’s one of the most audacious things to happen on Savile Row since the late 60’s when House of Nutters became the first Savile Row shop to dispense with the frosted glass that prohibited people looking in.

Now not only can you look in, you can take a virtual tour of Chester Barrie and engage with some of their wonderful garments.

Chester Barrie Savile Row Inside

How will this benefit Chester Barrie? 

Chester Barrie will now be able to show off their newly refurbished store to their long distance customers.

Savile Row stores depend greatly on an international market, as well as trunk shows and having a strong online presence.

Chester Barrie Savile Row

This 3D scan will be a great resource for Chester Barrie to allow their customers to contextualise the surroundings. The scan has received over 8k monthly views since September 2018.

As well as having a 3D scan to embed on their website, Chester Barrie now have stunning 4K images extrapolated from the scan. Some of the web-ready versions are on this this blog, we can send 4K versions on request.

Chester Barrie Savile Row

What were the challenges?

The scan proved to relatively straight-forward and took us under two hours. The scan was then edited and ready to present to the client within 24 hours. Savile Row is a very busy street and it did take a couple of takes to get a clear outside 360 degree shot!

The changing rooms were small but with large mirrors inside. We didn’t think it necessary to get a scan from inside the changing room and have the camera in full view, so decided to take a shot half-in, half-out which was enough to present the space.

We aim to turn around a completed scan within 48 hours though depending on the size of the space as with Chester Barrie this can be as little as 24 hours.

Chester Barrie Savile Row

Where can I see the complete scan and how much will a 3D scan cost?

You can view the full scan below. Should you wish to have a 3D scan for your space please do not hesitate to contact us and we’ll send through a bespoke quote. It costs less than you think!

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