This 3D Scan in London took us to Jermyn Street inside renowned shirtmaker and flamboyant ateliers, New & Lingwood.

This was a particularly exciting challenge for us as the shop (situated at the end of Piccadilly Arcade) has many different facets including a second dressing gown shop on the other side of the arcade, not directly joined to the main shop.

The luxury dressing gowns you might recognise as they were worn by Hugh Lawrie from the hit BBC drama series ’The Night Manager’.

The significant challenge with this scan was the requirement for the user to be able to a walk from the dressing gown boutique to the main shop. Matterport cameras and natural light do not mix well, particularly if you add rain into the mix!

Luckily there was some cover under the arcade canopy even though they were street facing. To make it work we took multiple scans, only inches apart, from one store entrance to the other.

We later hid numerous scans in the edit so the viewer can move seamlessly without having to perform multiple navigational clicks.

The large store is resplendent with many wonderful garments, suits, shirts, shoes and various accoutrements.

The second level has a very open feel. The floor was carpeted and much like a lot of antiquated London buildings, was consistently uneven.

At every scan point we had to ensure the camera was evenly balanced, constantly tweaking the levelling base in accordance to the spirit levels. This was necessary to make sure the virtual tour was as smooth as possible.

Another thing we were mindful of was not having the reflection of the camera caught in the mirrors. We circumvented this by hanging clothes other the mirrors where appropriate.

Lastly we tagged all genres of clothes within the tour so customers could shop direct or find out more information.

This scan has attracted close to 500 visits since it’s creation in late October 2018. We’d like to thank New & Lingwood for inviting us to scan their premises, and for commissioning us to do their flagship store in Eton. (We’ll cover in a later blog).

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You can also take the tour of New & Lingwood by clicking on the player below. Contact us directly for a quote for your space. We have engineers throughout the U.K.